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Who Are We?
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  • Fire Safety Management

    Whatever your size or type of business, your staffs time and expertise is required for the business not fire safety management.

    We offer a complete fire safety management service for your business which is tailored to your specific requirements.

    • Writing and reviewing fire safety policy and risk assessments for your business
    • Providing relevant, up to date and timely staff fire training making sure your people get what they need when they need it
    • Integrating systems which are already in place or introducing new systems, if required, with your fire safety policy and reviewing these when necessary
    • Reviewing the maintenance process for your fire safety equipment and assessing if this maintenance is to British Standards and properly certified
    • Fire Strategy Development for building projects and/or existing complex situations

    The Benefits of our Fire Safety Management Service

    Fire Risk Assessment

    Audit, Exercising and Testing Plans

The Benefits of our
Fire Safety Management Service

    • Allows your staff to concentrate on the job they were employed to do and not spend time on the fire safety management process
    • Saves expensive and time-consuming training of staff on complex fire safety processes and procedures
    • Ensures all fire safety equipment and processes are maintained to meet current requirements
    • Services are tailored to your specific requirements so you are not paying for services you do not need
    • Provides piece of mind for you in the knowledge that your fire safety policies & procedures are current, fit for purpose and compliant to the highest local standards
  • Fire Risk Assessment

    Fire risk assessments are at the heart of modern health and safety management. They are an important part of keeping your workers and your business safe.

    At Ignis Safety Consultants Ltd we can carry out risk assessments on your behalf to PAS 079 standards for buildings of any size or complexity and make reasoned judgements on the level of risk presented.

    We can advise on any non-compliances and advise on whether the risk is tolerable. If changes are required we can advise and recommend cost effective solutions.

    All fire risk assessments carried out by us are fully documented and include full descriptions of our findings, associated photographs of issues and recommendations. We will sit down with you and explain every element of our documentation fully until you are completely satisfied that you understand all findings and proposed solutions.

    Audit, Exercising and Testing Plans

    It is a Health & safety requirement that all premises should have an emergency evacuation plan for use in the event of a fire and that the plan should be tested.

    An example of good practice would be to carry out ‘fire drills’ such as:

    • Simulate one or more of the escape routes from the building being obstructe
    • No advance warning of the drill should be given to staff other than specific staff for safety purposes
    • The fire alarm should be operated on instructions of management
  • We can work with you and your staff to define evacuation procedures and document an evacuation plan appropriate for your premises.

    • Attending your site to supervise your fire drills
    • Reviewing your evacuation plan
    • Instructing your fire wardens/marshals on their duties
    • Provide advice on processes such as log books to record and document your fire drills
    • Providing a de-brief following your drill
    • Documenting the drill including details of defects, observations or recommendations
    • Could your business
      survive a fire?

      Once an organisation has a ‘fire risk profile’ preparedness is about ensuring teams, resources, policies and procedures are informed and ready to respond should the worst happen.

      The hazards from fire can pose a significant threat to a business. Every year many people are injured by fires that occur in the workplace. The financial costs of a fire can be equally devastating. Annually, the cost to businesses through fire runs to many millions of pounds, and companies are all too often unable to recover from its catastrophic effects.

      Are you comfortable that your employees would know what to do if a fire occurred in your business? More importantly, are you confident that your staff members know how to prevent fires from occurring in the first place?

      Find out more about our…


      Staff Training


      Existing Fire Safety Procedures

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    Staff Training

    Ignis Safety Consultants offer quality fire safety training specifically designed to assist both employers and employees to meet their obligations within current legislation, such as Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989 and the Fire Precautions (Jersey) Law 1977:

    Fire Awareness

    Ensuring staff understand both the importance of fire safety to them personally and to the continuation of the business they work for. Further we discuss the role they play in preventing a fire happening and should it happen how to escape safely. This course is primarily presentation based but does involve a number of group discussions regarding their own place of work, experiences and/or procedures.

    Fire Marshal

    Designed for individuals either taking on the role of Fire Marshal for the first time or for an existing Marshal looking to refresh their knowledge/skills/understanding of:

    • Causes of fire and fire spread + basics of fire extinguishers
    • Hazard ‘spotting’ and who is at risk
    • Fire Wardens ‘routine checks’
    • Evacuation techniques and strategies
    • Action in the event of a fire
  • Fire Extinguisher

    Fire protection systems in your place of work….but what are they for and how do you use them safely? Ignis start with an understanding of what extinguishing methods you will find and importantly their limitations. We can include your unique expectations .i.e. what your business expects of their team in the event of a fire. Having confirmed understanding we will invite customers to physically use fire extinguishers on our custom fire rig; gas flame simulations of waste paper bins, computer screens and larger fires.

    What about Bespoke Training for your company's needs?

    Bespoke Training/Input

    This is a core element of what we at Ignis are keen to develop with you. Training and input for your team designed around your premises and based on your procedures. This way your team complete training with a clear understanding of your fire risk profile and their role in preventing fire and ensuring everyone escapes should an event occur. Right from the start we have been determined that bespoke training should not have a prohibitive cost attached to it, as a result we charge no more per person than we do for standard course input.

    • Minimum ten attendees
    • Can be facilitated at your premises should you choose
    • Development of bespoke training may have a cost attached dependent on unique nature of client’s fire risk profile. Ignis will endeavour to minimise any development cost(s) and will always keep the customer fully informed before progression
  • Audit of Existing Fire Safety Procedures

    Ignis Safety Consultants link this element of preparedness to your businesses unique needs. It is a methodology of testing:

    • Strategies; has your fire strategy got ‘real meaning’? Does it protect your business and those people who might be working, visiting or affected by a fire?
    • Policies & Procedures; does everyone understand them? Do they know their role and their responsibilities?
    • Are there unique elements in your organisation that affect:
      • - Prevention; stopping it happening
      • - Protection; Fire Safety measures in place to limit impact
      • - Preparedness; roles and responsibilities to either tackle fire or evacuate
  • Auditing these can take different forms and Ignis will work with you on the objectives of what it might look like for you. A couple of simple choices might be:

    • To ‘table-top’ a scenario .i.e. create a theoretical incident and work though understanding of policy/procedures and how, through whom, they might be actioned?
    • Actually facilitate a physical scenario where teams face a simulated event and are asked to really deal with a fire.
    • Both choices above would result in a ‘hot debrief’ immediately after the event and a detailed report from Ignis on what went well, what areas need attention and sometimes what worked well that was a surprise .i.e. unplanned actions that actually had a positive effect.

      Work with us to prepare your business for limiting the impact that fire could have on your future.

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